Starting Ballet? Here's a helpful list to get your started

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Starting Ballet?


You’ve made an incredible choice.  Whether it’s adult ballet for you or you’ve enrolled your daughter/son in ballet classes it’s a choice you will never regret.


Some of the best ballet benefits include

  • Increased musicality
  • Increased focus and ability to concentrate
  • Improved posture and body awareness
  • Increased self-confidence


(You can see why we love it so much)


  Before you start though there are a few things you will need to purchase to make sure you look the part.  Everything has a purpose and it’s of great benefit to you/your dancer if they appear ready for class ‘looking the part’.


Here is a handy list of requirements you will need to begin your journey into the amazing world of ballet.


Should be firm fitting to create a fluid line.  Allowing the dancer & teacher to see the line of the body to correct posture & position. (Shop our favourite styles here)

  • Tights/Stockings

Used to obsorb sweat without wearing baggy pants/ leggings.  The sleek look of the pink ballet tight elongates the leg line creating more fluid line from the fingertip to the tip of the toe.

You can purchase ballet tights at your local dance shop.  (see our list of recommended retailers here)

  • Ballet shoes

Ballet shoes generally match the colour of the ballet tights and help continue the line of the leg through to the foot.  The lightweight shoes are either canvas or leather and should fit well with little or no ‘growing room’ to avoid movement when performing turns or jumps.  The shoe should support the foot and should always be purchased from your local dance shop where a professional can advise the best shoe for your foot type and requirements.

  • Ballet Bun/ slick hair

Slick the hair back into a tight bun and secure it tight… you don’t want it flying out during class or performance.

To make the perfect ballet bun you will need

Hair Ties


Fringe Pins (U Shaped Pins)

Bun Net or Hair Net

Water Spray (to control the fly away bits)

  • Ballet Skirts

Completely optional, but when ballet skirts can look as beautiful as our Ainsliewear skirts it’s more about fashion than about practicality.  (shop our skirts online here)

  • Hair Deco

It’s also a nice fashion statement to have a flower, scrunchie, bun wrap or bow in your hair for class.  Find these are your local dance shop too!


Good Luck, we know you/your dancer will LOVE it! 


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