How to survive online dance classes

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We are grateful that during this time we are able to continue to dance through the modern wonders of the Internet.  HOWEVER, that doesn't mean it's easy. 

Online dance classes are hard, self motivation during such long periods of Isolation can be hard and sticking to your proven routines can be difficult during this time. 

Here are 5 tips that we hope help you get through this challenging time of our lives. 


1.  Dress For Class Appropriately 

Wearing your favourite leotard (AinslieWear of course) and a nice clean pair of tights and taking pride in your ballet bun will certainly make class online easier. 

Not only will you look the part but you will have put yourself into the correct mindset even before you do your first plie at the barre.  

This AinslieWear leotard is our current favourite. 

Liberty with Red Velvet (Super Exclusive) 


2.  Log On Early (if you can)

Just like in class, you wouldn't arrive 1 minute before class, walk straight to the barre and begin.  You would arrive early, set up your barre space, warm up and prepare yourself.  We suggest you do the same online.  Set up your space early, warm up, stretch and get into to class mindset. 


3.  Be Consistent 

Find something that works, the right camera angle, the perfect space at home or the best floor.  Whatever works, be consistent and repeat that each class. 


4.  Look After Yourself

Injuries are becoming more and more common as we dance our hearts out at home.  Maybe it's because we hit the furniture, or maybe it's because we are attempting to dance without properly warming up prior.  Maintain your concentration and control so your body is familiar with it's placement and position. 


5.  Show Up

The most important thing is that you show up, that you're there.  Learning and growing even in these challenging times.  You will look back on this time in years to come and remember that you were committed.  


Enjoy yourself and remember this is not an isolated situation, the whole world is dancing online with you. 

Try and enjoy yourself, we will get through this.  


AinslieWear x

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